Year of Open Source

One year of trying to use only free software, libre hardware, and option source options for all aspects of life.

Ways you can help!


Thanks for all the messages of support over the last couple of days, although the initial crowdfunding campaign has finished, you can now donate using flattr and BitCoin (my address is 1EFmHdKYV5oEx9wfT67MvARgyjaB9SahTv -there will be proper buttons & links etc on the new website up tomorrow). I’ve quit my part-time job to focus on this full-time, but I’m only just scraping by!

If you like the idea of the project and would like to help out, there is all sorts of non-financial help that I need:

I would like to make the project accessible to non-English speakers, so if you can help me with translation of videos or texts into your language, please let me know! I can provide transcripts to each video as they come out. I’ll be filming in various parts of Europe over the year – I can translate from Spanish or German into English, but not the other way around – I wouldn’t want viewers to have to put up with my crappy grammar errors.

Any suggestions for a good online video multi-language subtitling resource?

I don’t have the resources to be able to buy an open source phone, computer or camera, or even to buy the parts and put them together. If anyone can sponsor me with an open source product, or if you know anybody developing an interesting open source hardware project who might need some publicity, I would love to be able to at least borrow a test version to play with and discuss, even if only for a month or two.

If you’re based in Berlin, there are plenty of ways you can help. If you:

a) have some experience shooting with Canon DSLRs, or would like to learn

b) have some editing experience or would like to learn, and are keen to join me in getting to grips with open source NLEs

c) are experienced with Blender and would like to show off your skills (and Blender’s capabilities) with a little animation/compositing

d) have experience with open source audio programs and sound recording

e) are good at organizing and planning, and could help me make a timeline and organise some projects, visits and interviews to help me tackle this huge task (Native speakers of German would also be very helpful).

Berliners, you can also come down to Open Design City in Kreuzberg on Monday night at 19.00.  Come meet others interested in open source making and have a brainstorm about projects we can undertake throughout the year. There will be snacks. I’ll post more info tonight!

There are plenty of other ways people might be able to help, just send me an email if you think of something you can offer. The more skilled people who can help in any way, the better this project can be. If someone you know might be able to help me out, tell them to get in touch! I want it to be as far-reaching, entertaining and thought-provoking as possible, and I can only do so with your help. Thank you very much for all the suggestions so far, we’re currently working on turning this blog into a navigable, multi-functional website, so keep checking back!

in the meantime, feel free to contact me: sam at


8 thoughts on “Ways you can help!

  1. I will be glad to help you translating your content to spanish.

    Just send the content you want to translate to e-mail address and will send it back to you as soon as I can.

    You can count with me the whole year.

  2. Have you considered dotSUB ( for video translation and Pootle ( for text? dotSUB not open source though…

  3. Personally, I’d be very much willing to translate into Italian, if you want.

  4. Hi Sam, I’m really excited about what you’re doing and I’d love to help to extent that I can. Something that I’ve been working on that you might be interested in is a growing subreddit, r/librelife. It’s meant to be a meeting place for Free Software, Free Culture, Open Source Software, and more, and I think it is highly related to what you’re doing. While the Reddit TOS prohibit commercial endeavors on their site to some extent, the code is open source under the OSI-approved Common Public Attribution License. Feel free to use it as a list of stuff to potentially check out, a place to ask questions and rally support, or whatever else might be useful.

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