Year of Open Source

One year of trying to use only free software, libre hardware, and option source options for all aspects of life.

2013 Open Source Calendar (Swimsuit Edition)

In order to show some of the leading lights and inspiring people within the Free Software / Open Source / Copyleft / Open Hardware / Free Culture movement, Judith Carnaby and I are putting together the 2013 Open Source Calendar (Swimsuit Edition).

Featuring all your favourite Open Source Heroes and Heroines from differing areas, these are generally the people who have done most to exemplify or further the cause of a more open, collaborative or more freedom-conscious approach to working, thinking and licensing. It’s not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, but a sample of some of the many great people dedicating their time to investigating, defining, and defending this philosophy. Each subject is presented in the skimpiest of costumes, hand-drawn by Judith.

The calendar is one of many perks for the Year Of Open Source funding campaign on IndieGoGo. Anyone who donates more than $25 to the project gets a digital download of the calendar as a thank you, and anyone donating more than $60 gets a nice papery version to hang in your kitchen, or above your altar, or wherever you like!


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