Year of Open Source

One year of trying to use only free software, libre hardware, and option source options for all aspects of life.


I’m a 28 year-old filmmaker from New Zealand, based in Berlin. my background is in directing music videos, event videos and shooting and editing documentaries. I’m trying to spend an entire year living Open Source, using only free software, libre hardware, and other copylefted products and solutions to daily problems. I’ll be making weekly videos and doing plenty of writing about the project, its successes and pitfalls, throughout the year. And I’m trying to raise $20 000 in 37 days! Check out the project on IndieGoGo!


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. If you’re going to do fundraising – may I suggest the free/libre/opensource If not now, once you start actually doing the whole open source everything thing.

    • Thanks Devinin, I hadn’t heard of it – but if it’s free software then I’m all for it. I might still be doing some form of fundraising or donation throughout the year, so it’s a useful link!

    • hey, I just checked beex out it isn’t really an indiegogo or kickstarter replacement because it doesn’t seem to support businesses trying to get started! While it would work for this terrifically I just would love to find a replacement funding platform mostly to donate but if I ever did anything that is the route I would prefer to take!

  2. Cool. Hit me up at devin[at]beex[dot]org and we can talk about innovative fundraising approaches. Your initaitve creates a lot of interesting opportunities.

  3. Would you try a FOSS laptop or tablet?

    We love what you are doing.

  4. Sam,
    Have you created a Bitcoin address for accepting Bitcoin donations? Bitcoin is Open Source money, afterall.

  5. this is something simple move over to open source social networks! I’m on Diaspora and Friendica for Diaspora I would suggest Calispora more ethical than most pods and for friendica I don’t know enough to make a suggestion! BUT this would be the hard part… leaving evil closed social networks like facebook and twitter!

    • I’ve been on diaspora for 10 months, I haven’t joined friendica yet though. I’ve deleted every single one of my facebook friends, removed all the information, likes etc, and left a shell of a page that nobody can see and nobody can add, just to be able to run the Year of Open Source page properly. As I mentioned in a couple of other comments, it’s very important that the project has a presence of the popular social networks, because this is about bringing people into open source rather than only focusing on people who already understand it and are already on diaspora etc. So no personal social networking on the evil networks, but Year of Open Source stays.

      • I understand! That was a great take on it thank you for doing such a thing. If you don’t mind though I would love to be able to follow yearofopensource on the Diaspora platform… if you haven’t created a page for it that would be awesome and if you have a link would be awesome!

      • I don’t have a Year of Open Source page but my profile is sam_m at see you on diaspora!

  6. ALSO it would be AMAZING if you tested each linux distro from the 31 flavors of fun expieriment that started August 1st… itd be even cooler if you reviewed each one you could use a virtual machine even RATHER than doing full installs! it is also easier to review it that way.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s unlikely to happen simply because this project does not have a focus on software. the core idea is ‘how does the open source idea apply to other areas of life.’ I’ll be using open source software, sure, but there are so many more in-depth investigations of software which have already been done.

      • Again I can respect this I think the request was quite selfish as I would love to see it done and yet too lazy to do it myself! Surprisingly I’m kind of dissapointed with my request seeing as one of the things I disagree with heavily when compared to Stallman is I think open/free/libre should extend far past software while he worries not about any of that from my understanding.

  7. For your computer, and since you seem to be taking this serious, I would recommend replacing Ubuntu with Trisquel, for example. Although the first uses mainly free software, the second uses only free software, which means it sticks with the principles. And it works really well (it has even a spanish company providing support at a corporate level for it).

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